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Shinomori Aoshi
12 November 2006 @ 01:37 am
First is the small version of a wonderful banner done by megumi_dono. I think it exemplifies the Meiji nice enough. ^.^ MANY THANKS!

Except, why is it that I'm the only one who looks 3 years old?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Next is the small version of a horrifically large poster done by MYSELF (okay, my player may have had something to do with it). It pretty much sums up the combined two years at both himuragumi and meiji_restored. My player is evil. Never forget that.

The Meiji Restored Anniversary RosterCollapse )

These may be moved into my profile when my lazy player gets off her ass and does something.
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Shinomori Aoshi
01 October 2006 @ 08:24 pm
I picked up the looking glass and heard applause as I examined my own profile in the reflective surface.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ~the crowd roared.

Oh yes. The fairest one of all even sitting in the quiet of my room. I crack a smile.

HAAAAAAAAAA ~the crowd continued to roar in my perfect ears.

I was about to give my two dimensional twin a light peck on the lips when my reflection began to twist and bend.

And then I realized it wasn't just my reflection.

Begin Aoshi's lesson in Mortal Sin #7: Vanity.
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Shinomori Aoshi
11 August 2006 @ 12:41 am

My father and his committee friends have meetings at my house once a week.  I had to type some of their proposal stuff up, and there was some pretty interesting info so I thought I'd share.

This was written by a man who used to be a chemical engineer in Cambodia (The funny thing is that you can SOOO tell he reads chemistry textbooks in his free time XD).

The internet seems to only site "udong" to Korea and/or China sooo...I can only hope this information is not flat-out lying. XDD

Udon NoodlesCollapse )

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Shinomori Aoshi
03 August 2006 @ 10:15 pm
Ep 7 Old Timey Shinsengumi Photo...Back When They Were Optimistic
Ep 7 Old Timey Shinsengumi Photo...Back When They Were Optimistic

No, seriously. I intended to snap fewer shots, but I ended up taking RIDICULOUSLY more. (So much that two eps ended up being way more than the previous five) And I crashed my computer and had to restart it.


Anyway, these are surprisingly more boring than the last gallery and I'm trying to figure out if it's the serious nature of the eps or if it's that my own perspective has drastically changed so that different images pop up at me than would have over a month ago.

Anyhow, I have the caps of the eps up to 10, but it's too much work to try and get those in working galleries at the moment. But hope you enjoy. My funny bone is lacking lately. T___T

The Gallery

Be good while I'm gone!
Shinomori Aoshi
Sometimes when all is quiet, I sit in my room and listen to the silence that man creates for himself. I imagine it as a big, wide expanse of nothingness as I'm sure many others do as well. It is filled with white light. It is vast. It is endless. It is all-powerful.

It is under this light that all my ugliness can be seen. Nothing is sacred. The light pierces every human flaw I have created in myself.

In this place, I am as I was intended to be. Mangled, twisted, deformed, my body lurches around in this vacuum. There is no hiding from the scrutiny of Judgement. It ticks away, steadily, the only entity in this nothing.

I crumble.

First. my hair. a tangle of twisted metal coated in razor dust. fall out. one by one with a "twang." sluicing through the empty air. slicing the bumpy texture of the skin at my cheeks. skin of a squash. blood the consistency and aspect of murky brown mucus.

That is first of me to go. My one vanity.

It takes my hands next.

I am left helpless, a hideous creature without even the mercy of tear ducts to ease my torment.

It is when I scream that I am knocked out of that reverie.

Silence does not always mean that I am subject to the white light. It is only when I withdraw and force the silence upon myself that it comes. Some silence is good. I have found some measure of peace in it. But every now and then, when I am not careful, the silence creeps upon me unawares.

Every day, I open that blind just a little further, letting the natural light hit me. Every day, I accept that they are dead and I am not. I am seeking an anchor, a harbor that provides safety from the tumultuous storms that brew in the vast unknown and fathomless depths. My reason to live cannot be another person. They are too easily lost. In a moment. In a struggle that takes years. Without a trace.

And yet my memories serve as the buttress of what I once held to be true. Where is the tangibility in that? How can I believe in something that is only the echo of a fleeting time that now has no solid base in my present?

I am broken. My perceptions are false. I see apparitions that have no more substance than memory. What is to say that my memories ever happened? What if it was all an elaborate fantasy? The family I'd found? The girl I held in my arms? The woman I swore I'd marry?

What if the white light is the real world and I deserve everything I receive?

I enjoy silence. But I seek the sound of voices and movement, clues that my living is grounded in this world, where I can mend the encasement of my disfigured self and hope that cosmetic surgery changes the balance of the sum of all my parts.
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Shinomori Aoshi
Ep 4 Heisuke Presents...
Ep 4 Heisuke Presents...

Hey! A heads up that I've now uploaded screencaps for PMK Episodes 1-5 (they are in order at least by episode). Hope you enjoy!

The Gallery

Now if you want to be helpful...can you tell me who is egghead number 4? Can't figure out how to tag that one.

Anyway, happy birthday Shuki and Sherl! Hope some of the pictures crack you up. :p

(The winners for top tags are: Shinpachi 19, Tetsu 16, Okita 15, Harada 14, Saya 14, and Heisuke at 11. Some folks are just really photogenic. XD)
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Shinomori Aoshi
Ep 1 Tetsu Tatsu Fear the Reaper
Ep 1 Tetsu Tatsu Fear the Reaper

Went insane last night and took a bajillion screencaps for the first five PMK episodes. Still rooting through what is gallery-worthy for the other 4 eps and trying to plan out future screencapping-happy business (so if you have requests, you better say so before I'm too lazy).

Right now, only Episode 1: Cherry Blossoms has pictures up. As a warning, yes, those titles are REALLY what I name my pics. YES, I am cracked out. It's the only way I can catalogue the masses of images in my mind.

My Gallery

I haven't actually searched on the net to see what pictures are available, so if I'm not original, sorry, you'll live. I have a particular fondness for emotional snapshots, images that capture movement, sequence series shots that follow movement, and all-around FUNNY FACES (there's also a few scenery-type stills). The first ep doesn't have a whole lot of funny faces, but you'll see later on...OH BOY...I get really snap-happy.

(and of course, I have originals and other crappy shots that didn't make the cut, just hit me up. I'm sure there are plenty of good shots I missed, too.)

I also realize that most of these pictures aren't particularly helpful for the RP, but LOL. I like them, dammit.

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Shinomori Aoshi
I regard Himura with a most unkind look, slowing unsheathing my pristine blade.

"I am loathe to do this, Himura, but you leave me little choice."

I take a step closer, the dust barely disturbed on the cold, dead dirt, sheath in my clenched gloved hand.

Having drawn my weapon against this opponent, I have officially broken my oath. But this is a grievance I can no more let pass than have my little Misao accept the attentions of just any beau. No. Himura must know I am in all seriousness in this.

Blade glinting in a dazzling light show, I take another step toward the redheaded swordsman, watching for his response.

"You leave me little choice, but the choice is yours entirely, Himura."

*open to everyone! Everyone punished by Soujirou take your revenge now!!!! XDD*
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Shinomori Aoshi
I realize I have not paid the Himuras a visit in some time and it is most discourteous of me, considering that I owe much to the newly wedded couple.

Perhaps I have not taken the time to get to know Himura's bride as well as I could have.  I approach with some trepidation, but do not hesitate in knocking on the gate before me.  Do I strike people as one who would fear a gate?

A gate no.  People I am not in the habit of conversing with, yes.

I wait for an answer.

(Kaoru should be joining us shortly.  No scaring her! :P)
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Shinomori Aoshi
23 May 2006 @ 08:45 pm
Picked up this Original Character Quiz from someone, thought I should use it here. I think I may use it for larfs for my actual original characters. It may also be a good way to make sure they're more fully developed.

 > basics <

+ What's your character's name? +

+ How old is he? +
um...26, I believe. ^.^;; Okay, I'm sad.

+ Is your OC a boy or girl? +
Male Man.

ExtensivenessCollapse )