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Ice Blue Eyes

I'll roshambo ya for 'em.

Shinomori Aoshi
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I once was Okashira of the once-great (and still lurking in the shadows, building strength) Oniwanbanshuu. But then my best friends and (dare I say?) family died for me. I could not contain my grief. It consumed me. And I became mad.

But that time is (mostly) over for me and I have begun my life anew. I have moved to Tokyo with plans to open a bookstore as a cover for the other very clever shinobi I helped form. I do not pretend to know them all completely, body and soul, for us shinobi are very good about hiding our true selves...even if it be from our own consciousness...

I also seem to have a habit of making quite the spectacle of myself. This is by no means on purpose. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that my heart has been wrapped carefully by razor wire and sudden movements give deadly lacerations to my fragile persona. I have long been a victim of my wayward emotions.

Some say I have no emotions. I say, I feel too deeply.

I am Shinomori Aoshi. And I am a tea-aholic. There. I said it.

[Aoshi is played by a certain somebody named Leila :) She is not as good at hiding as Aoshi.]